Brewery right in the centre of town

Traditional beer brewing as it used to be!

Here in the König von Flandern we have the home of the universally treasured, rustic, flavoursome, incredibly delicious brewing culture. This authentic Bavarian beer is of course the focus of our work, as it always has been. Brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, it bubbles unfiltered and without any diversions straight from the keg into the glass.

The art of brewing


Right up to the present day, brewing is pure hand-crafting for us. Started according to traditional recipes, our naturally cloudy beer matures in peace and quiet in ancient vaults. Just as we do in the restaurant, we place great value on using regional ingredients for our beer. Our hops come from the Hallertau region, the malt from Bavaria.

Our master brewer constantly keeps an eye out for what the beer needs to come to perfection during the maturing process. Many procedures that have long been automated in larger breweries are here still controlled by hand. This is why every batch of our Drei-Heller beers has an individual taste and its own character, while still always being of the highest quality. We want it to be obvious that we produce a good honest beer, just like in “the good old days”.

Seasonal specialities


As our beers are produced by our in-house master brewer himself, we can offer a different house speciality for every season. You can find information on the current speciality beer from our service or our table displays.

January to around Easter – Augsburger Doppelbock
Easter into the summer – Augsburger Maibock
End of September until it’s all been drunk – Grünhopfen-Märzen
November to January – Augsburger Doppelbock

Drei-Heller Light

Beer style: cellar beer/ unfiltered | Colour: light amber | Malt: pilsner, Munich, light caramel malt | Original wort: 11.8% | Alcohol: 4.9% | Bitter: 25BE | Hops: Hallertauer Select, Hallertauer Tradition | Aroma: sweetish, subtly malty | Flavour: spicy with a fine hop note | Food recommendation: drink with Bavarian home-style cooking and traditional Brotzeit snacks

Drei-Heller Dark

Beer style: Bavarian dark (unfiltered) | Colour: dark wood, reminiscent of rosewood | Malt: Munich malt, dark caramel and a handful of roasted malt | Original wort: 12.3% | Alcohol: 5.2% | Bitter: 18BE | Hops: Hallertauer Tradition | Aroma: malty, subtly malty | Flavour: dry, not too sweet and with fine caramel notes | Food recommendation: hearty snack treats and roast meats

Bader Keller Weisse

Beer style: Bavarian Weißbier | Colour: straw-like | Malt: wheat malt, Pilsner malt, light caramel malt | Original wort: 12.5% | Alcohol: 5.3% | Bitter: 15BE | Hops: Hallertauer Select | Aroma: banana with subtle cloves | Flavour: fruity, fresh | Food recommendation: light dishes such as fish or salad and of course with Munich Weißwurst

Seminar & guided tour of brewery


We will be delighted to offer a guided tour with our master brewer for groups of 4 – 8 people. And if you want to experience a true highlight, we recommend our brewing seminar! In this seminar, you will get right up close to our beer production and will experience the entire brewing process throughout the day. During the brewing seminar, we will of course also be serving refreshments. We start at 10.00 a.m. If you have any questions, our master brewer Mr Birnmann will be happy to answer them by e-mail. The König von Flandern is definitely the right place for other events and celebrations such as birthdays, company anniversaries or the next works outing.

It’s best to get in touch with us early and we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you and reserve the desired date.