Augsburg’s most traditional brewery and restaurant

König von Flandern Augsburg

The König von Flandern is the oldest restaurant and brewery in Augsburg and is located in the centre, only a few steps away from the Rathausplatz. We pamper you with Bavarian and Swabian specialities, made from recipes of the good old days. You’ll find culinary classics on our menu such as our fresh baked Leberkäse (meatloaf) and Kässpatzen (cheese pasta). Our guests also love an original Viennese schnitzel and sweet treats such our Apfelstrudel, fresh baked daily. We rely on quality and freshness for our food, which is why we pay particular attention to regional and seasonal products. Our dishes are prepared fresh daily and are a real pleasure for the palate.
With the food we serve beer from our in-house brewery, lovingly brewed by our master brewer. Cheers!

The historic brewery

König von Flandern Augsburg

In the König von Flandern, brewing beer is still a genuine craft. Started according to traditional recipes, the naturally cloudy beer matures in peace and quiet in our historic vaults.
Just as we do in the restaurant, we take care to achieve the highest quality and use regional ingredients. Our beers are still brewed in the traditional way. The flavour of our beer is not controlled by machine, but by experienced master brewers.

But in our brewery and restaurant, you don’t just get to taste the excellent beer; you can also take a look behind the scenes. As part of a brewery tour, we will show you how beer is brewed and what’s really important: from grinding to mashing, refining, cooking, cooling, fermenting, storing right up to serving.

Information sheet: Ingredients from the region
Flyer: Put your own plate together

Good food off the grill and frying pan

Take a look at our hearty food off the grill and your mouth will water. Look forward to fresh Leberkäs (meatloaf), juicy ham and crisp pork knuckles. We serve them with dumplings, spätzle and other typical Alpine side dishes. We are happy to combine various dishes for you, or you can simply try our Brauerschmauß (brewer’s feast) with a colourful mixture of foods from our kitchen. We also place the greatest value on quality and regional origin when purchasing sausage and meat. We therefore work closely with producers and suppliers from the local area and are passionate about our work.

~ Chanterelle time ~

~ in the König von Flandern ~

Cream of chanterelle soup with our own insert 4.90 €


Summer salad with honey and mustard dressing

and fried chanterelles 11.90 €


Chanterelles in cream with bread dumplings 14.90 €


Swabian duet with Leberkäs meatloaf and Krautschupfnudeln (potato dumplings with sauerkraut) 11.90 €


Meatloaf in pork sauce with potato and cucumber salad 9.90 €


Marinated pot roast of beef with red cabbage and spätzle 12.90 €


Beef goulasch in beer with boiled potatoes 12.90 €

König To go!

We are delighted that as of now we are able to offer various daily specials as takeaways. For instance, a schnitzel for 5 euros! Perfect for your lunch break or a nice meal at home. Every day from 12 noon-8.00 p.m. If you are in a hurry, just order in advance by phone.


Knife and fork
Brewery right in the centre of town

Brewery and restaurant in the town centre

Brewery with attached restaurant – one of Augsburg’s secret tips

The centre of Augsburg has a whole range of restaurants with history and character. What makes our famous eating place on the Rathausplatz unique is our in-house, walk-in brewery. In the restaurant we value good cooking, a cosy atmosphere and friendly service. And of course we also need a tasty beer! Thanks to our history and our master brewer, we are today once more in a position to brew our high-quality beer ourselves on site.

But why the name “König von Flandern” (King of Flanders) for a restaurant serving
thoroughly Bavarian food? To answer that question, you need to know about Duke Jan Primus. Once upon a time, he lived in faraway Flanders and upheld the knightly virtues. He never missed a tournament, happily indulged in courtly love, and loved life in all its aspects. He was a true epicurean and an enthusiastic beer drinker. Popular with the people, after his death he became a role model for the brewers’ guild. Jan Primus turned into “Gambrinus”, the legendary “King of Beers”. He is portrayed with a foaming beer tankard as a sceptre: his crown is decorated with ears of barley. He is enthroned on a gigantic barrel, the image of majestic pleasures of the senses. It’s a nice story! Nice enough to name our restaurant after him.

However, there was good beer in Augsburg a long time before the historic Jan Primus. He lived in the 13th century. As early as the year 1156, the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa instructed the Castellan of Augsburg impose a fine of five guilders for serving poor quality beer. Our house dates exactly from these times. It was known in earlier times as the Bader House, and beer was being brewed there as early as the Middle Ages. The Drei-Heller beer dates back more or less to the introduction of the Bavarian Purity Law in 1516. Since then, our house has held the “Brauerei-Gerechtsamen” (brewery privileges), a historic concession for brewing beer. And we have been exercising this once more since 1988.

For your pleasure. For your enjoyment. Visit us in the really old part of Augsburg – where the beer is sensationally fresh!

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